Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love A Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed folds down from the wall. You don't see to many of them these days but I have always wanted to have one. If I decide to add on to "99steps to the beach" I will have one in my studio ..Atlantic  ocean... front and center... One room.. one desk.. one sofa screen porch closet bath.. one Murphy bed.

Here is a Murphy Bed in one of my fun and wonderful happy projects ..looks like a  regular wall with art hanging on it ..  This is actually the bottom of the bed. It is located between  two built in bookcases.

I moved the art..
this one is a king size bed
I moved the two chairs to the corners of the room
the bed is a unit with one row of book cases

the Murphy bedroom is located near this great area
this is the 'real ' bedroom is down the hall
the  bath tub awaits  ....
singing in the shower while watching the sun rise over the ocean..
not a bad way to begin a day.
If you want to ponder having a Murphy bed here is a link 



jmac said...

Fun! is the last bedroom you showed painted with one of your colors?? I'm wanting that soft aqua color for my bedroom.

Abid Hasan said...

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Michael .C said...

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bethanyparker said...

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Hasan Imam said...
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